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Drive Deluxe is founded in 2017 in Luxembourg by car enthusiasts who love being on the road and discover new places. We are an experienced team of Automotive Events Managers, who know how to plan, promote and run an event that will achieve your goal. The love for life time experiences and adventure is the driving force for our company.

Drive Deluxe is for everyone who enjoys good moments on the road in a family like and friendship spirit. Every of our events is designed in an unique way, focusing to provide unforgettable and exclusive lifetime adventure to its participants.  Our love for driving and discovering new places, visiting exclusive locations and taste the good life is the essence that one can distinguish right away.



Road trips for car enthusiasts with high standards and an appetite for adventure from all over the world. Traveling together with like-minded people, will take you to beautiful European cities, where fine dining and exclusive parties will top off the day.

At our destinations, handpicked luxury accommodations and unique and exclusive locations will give you more than just a home away from home but a different vision of luxury altogether.

On this journeys, you will meet interesting people, forge new friendships, discover extraordinary places, drive scenic roads and return home with memories that will last a lifetime.

Our events are organised with style, customer orientation and exclusiveness.

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